Tuesday, June 01, 2010

i have a question for you all...

Apologies for the non-blogging of late; no real excuses other than sheer laziness but since blogging isn't my job I don't really have to explain. Anyway, to tide you over until I resume writing, here's a little cut/paste job from a Facebook thread in which I got heavily invloved.
It took place on a friend's page after she updated the following thought: Georgia Lewis figures it's about time the world admitted that the formation of the state of Israel was a pretty bad idea...
Now, if you know me at all then you also know I have no religious inclination whatsoever; in fact I loathe religion, so any thoughts I have on this subject are not motivated by a hidden personal agenda. I simply detest fanaticism in all its forms.
So, have a little read...the comments are re-published unedited and in the actual order in which originally made. It's a little lengthy but I do owe you, so lap it up while you can. I do not know most of these people and they do not know me, other than Georgia Lewis. Most of them live in or around the UAE from what I gather although I neither know that for sure or care at all.
And then, without necessarily commenting on the rights or wrongs of the original discussion, I'd like you to answer the following question: Am I really a total cunt or just a naughty boy...

Georgia Lewis figures it's about time the world admitted that the formation of the state of Israel was a pretty bad idea...

Adele Schultz
Just reading what happened. At last Israel has shown it's true colours and the world (especially USA) can no longer turn a blind-eye!

David Fingret
excuse me...do you mean the actual formation or the location of the state of israel...

Georgia Lewis
The actual formation of the state of Israel after WWII, hence my use of the word "state". Pretty hard to change the location of sites that have been sacred to Jews, Muslms and Christians for centuries.

Keren Bobker
Don't agree that it was wrong, but handled badly. If you want to be pedantic Jews were in ME for some 5,000 years before Muslims existed.

David Fingret
you're an idiot...that's as stupid as suggesting that if Richard the Lionheart and Phillip II had done their job properly and slaughtered every Muzzie on the planet when they had the chance that none of this would have happened...

Keren Bobker
I do wish people would separate Israel & Jews. The anti-semitism is appalling. The state of Israel does not represent all Jews, most of whom do not support many of the actions of Israel.

David Fingret
BTW...not you keren...for the record i was referring to georgia...

Georgia Lewis
True, it is important to note that there is a difference between being against the actions of the state of Israel and being an anti-semite, but thank you for calling me an idiot...

David Fingret
georgia, your original comment pertained to the creation of the state...a wholly humanitarian solution to the problem of what to do with millions of despised, displaced survivors of the holocaust...no one wanted them...certainly not those hypocritial c*nts in the UK...but sadly for the sake of expediency it was decided to create israel on a useless piece of Crown land which sadly had religious ties to a whole bunch of these savages...jews, christians and mozzies...THAT was the problem...location, location, location...

Georgia Lewis
The events in the last day or so are just the latest in a long, long line of atrocious acts by all sides which demonstrates that an alternative is needed.
A two-state solution perhaps? A new state with no official religion where Jews, Muslims, Christians and anyone else can live side by side? Moving the Jewish homeland to Utah? I'm not claiming to know the answer but I do think that the current situation is unsustainable.

Komal Patwari
Who's David Fingret, and why does he insist on referring to Muslims as a muzzie or mozzie? Since he's a friend of yours I'm inclined to think he probably isn't an inbred farmer from Iowa who plays banjo and probably doesn't even own a passport, but I am often proven wrong about these things.

Georgia Lewis
He is not an inbred farmer from Iowa and I have never seen him play the banjo but given that he gets upset when people level personal attacks at him in cyberspace but thinks nothing of insulting an entire religion and calling me an idiot, then I can see how you may have reached your rather amusing conclusion.

Dave Reeder
david, in fact uk-based zionists were pushing for the state from the end of the 19th century, which led to the 1917 balfour declaration which, simply, stated that the government "viewed with favour the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people" after which it was a done deal. the shaoh merely made it more urgent and the stern-irgun terrorist attacks on the occupying british army after ww2 made us cut and run, leaving the palestinians without sufficient protection.

David Fingret
oh yes...of course...'a two state solution with no official religion where Jews, Muslims, Christians and anyone else can live side by side'...how utterly dreamy...we could put it next to Wonderland, the magical country where Serbs and Croats hold hands and sing songs...or The Happy Kingdom, where the Hutu and the Tutsis run free side by side...forget Utah...i think the state you're imagining is Kansas, Dorothy...

Komal Patwari
Georgia: he sounds like an all-round delight, I'd love to meet him. He must have many friends and live a full, engaging life.

Georgia Lewis
Komal, would you believe he is single? Such a shame you're newly married, it could have been a beautiful thing...

Komal Patwari
Him, single? Surely the two do not belong in the same sentence. It would have started out a beautiful thing I'm sure but would have ended in tragedy when I ate him for breakfast the following morning.

David Fingret
yes komal, just as i don't automatically assume you work as a ticket-collector for british rail or manage a 7/11, you pompous ass...

Komal Patwari
Charming and eloquent - how do the ladies stay away?

David Fingret
dave, acceding to the demands of those loony Zionists was never the answer either...dropping a jewish state into an area where they would be surrounded on three sides by their sworn enemies and on the fourth by water was an insane idea...but the UK saw a wonderful opportunity to give those maniacs what they wanted and find a use for a crappy piece of land they couldn't occupy commercially anyway...so they happily gave the stinking piece of desert to the zionists then even more happily turned their backs on the palestinians when the zionists cut loose...a marvelous piece of handwashing...

Komal Patwari
Which is something the British were very good at (when they ran the empire anyway) - this is not so dissimilar to their approach to the India / Pakistan divide - at the end of it all they drew a horrifyingly flawed border across a map of erstwhile India and set sail with the Kohinoor and an arguably unquantifiable amount of loot while leaving India and Pakistan to deal with the mess.

David Fingret
well, well...there's hope for you yet, Komal...but if you believe that then apart from some colourful nicknames i might have used, what's your beef with my argument...

David Fingret
sadly georgia there is no hope for you...unless one day you are granted your own state where you can rule supreme as lord of your own tribe of idiots...

Komal Patwari
The Indian royals held their own in the idiocy stakes, mind - and given the levels of utter lunacy with which they ruled their states and warred with each other, you could almost argue that they deserved to be conquered. Sadly it has always been the common people that have suffered, a fact especially pertinent to Isralis and Palestinians today. David your colourful nicknames are my only beef with your argument.

David Fingret

Robert Evans
Georgia, what nationality is Mr Fingret, I'm just curious due to one comment he made...

Georgia Lewis
He is Australian...

Irina Ionascu
Oh Georgia, you know how to set some people on fire... :)! Love it! This was almost like watching an episode of Come dine with me :). You rule!

Robert Evans
Ah, ok... Well, not to tar you all with the same brush, as I certainly wouldn't wanna be lumped in with all my compatriots, past & present, and forgive my slightly kneejerk nationalism, but I don't think we're the only 'hypocritical cunts' (note to ed, if you're gonna use it, spell it out mate) out there... seem to remember something about some ethnic dispossessed group or another in Oz down through the years... You must be do proud... Anyway, that's me done & out...

Ramesh Moorjani
In 2006, two U.S. professors John Mearsheimer of Chicago University and Stephen Walt of Harvard University wrote a thesis giving valid reasons that the U.S. unconditional backing of Israel was harming the U.S. in many ways.
They were immediately pounced upon and abused and labeled anti semitic etc. Fox News along with all republican and a few ... See Moredemocratic politicians went against them too.
AIPAC or the American Israel Public Affairs Committee is very strong financially and they lobby extensively for Israel.
Even with Obama as the president, nothing is going to happen.
America will use its veto power again and again. Israel will get away with murder again. No one has the balls to tackle them head on. The capital city of the U.S. is Tel Aviv. Israel doesn't seem to understand that the only way forward is to give something to achieve something.

David Fingret
er bob...may i call you bob...we're a bit egalitarian like that down here...not to rain on your brilliant stereotyping parade but in private FB chat this arvo (that's aussie for afternoon) i did broach the subject of the stolen generation with georgia...and i recognize the nonsensical analogy you seem to be mistaking for meaningful irony...however...and correct me if i'm wrong.. the gist of your comment seems to be 'oh yeah well so are you'...

David Fingret
meanwhile i do like irina's suggestion...setting people on fire...what a wonderfully Indian solution to the problem...yeah c'mon komal let's rumble some more...:)

Georgia Lewis
Really? All Indians are hell-bent on burning people??? And what is with the smiley at the end? Either express yourself properly with words or be quiet.

David Fingret
well georgia, since i'm not a character in south park and can't get away with saying that just for a laugh...i used the dreaded emoticon to downgrade the comment from deeply offensive to just pretty offensive...i only wish there was an emoticon capable of expressing my feelings towards you right now...

Georgia Lewis
Except that with or without the emoticon it is still about as hilarious as dead babies (of any nationality or religion...).

Gary Scott
lol Georgia

David Fingret
hey georgia...since your the expert on FB/SMS etiquette...what's worse...emoticons or grown men using 'lol'...

Georgia Lewis
Emoticons. And grown men calling Muslims "muzzies" and making unfunny gags about burning Indians is up there on the scale of shittiness.

Susan Macaulay
Georgia, I SO love your catalytic comments and lively salon guests, particularly Mr. Fingret who adds such zest to the interchanges in which he chooses to engage. Such a, how shall i say it, genteel conversationalist...

Christopher Saul
I think this must be the most historically ill-informed Facebook thread ever.

Gary Scott
Seriously, lol has to be worse than any crime mentioned here.

David Fingret
spot on ramesh...wow TWO university professors wrote a valid thesis condemning the US tacit support for Israel...well that pretty much settles it then, eh...the objections of Fox, the entire republican party and a few corrupt democrats notwithstanding...let's see you also made the diabolically clever observation about the israeli/jewish/money/power connection and shown wonderful insight in declaring tel aviv the capital of the US...nothing wrong with your well-constructed and impartial view...

David Fingret
well georgia...since acronyms speak louder than emoticons...here's one for you...IDGAS...want a clue...the first four words are 'i don't give a...'...

David Fingret
susan...if there's anything more distasteful than calling me a jew it's calling me a genteel...that's pretty racist, dude...

Georgia Lewis
Call me crazy (FIngret, I'm sure you will, I'm already an idiot apparently...), but I'm more inclined to take seriously the work of two university professors than anyone on Fox News.

David Fingret
chris...well that's what you get when you log into FB to study history...try going to uni next time...you cabbage...

Georgia Lewis
Ladies and gents, we are witnessing the world's first ever descent into madness live on Facebook.

David Fingret
not at all georgia...there's nothing crazy about being inclined to take two university professor's work seriously...unless of course YOU HAVEN'T FUCKING READ IT...hmmm...stephen walt...using ramesh's uncanny ability to connect convenient dots...i'd say he changed his name to honour walt disney...the well-known anti-semite theme park mogul...i'd be betting good money professor walt is secretly funded by the PLO...

Iain Akerman
Fingret... if you'd ever been to Palestine, you'd know that it is not a "crappy piece of land". It is beautiful. The level of ignorance here is quite astonishing...

Adele Schultz
David, do you need a hug? Seems like you lack attention in your life and now you have to get it by winding everybody on Georgia's wall up. Isn't there anybody in your life who you can go annoy rather than pollute our eyes? Oh, don't even try winding me up cause I aint going to respond to your adolecent need for attention.

David Fingret
akerman...if you've been to palestine then you're a fucking wizard because there is no such country mate...it's a region which now contains modern day Israel and Jordan amongst other actual countries...and from what i've read of it they didn't grow too many oranges there successfully prior to 1948...it was ostensibly a desert, asshole...interestingly though the arabic word for palestine is philistine...coinkydink ?? i don't think so...

Georgia Lewis
Some say Palestine is not a country, others say Israel is not a country... In any case, Iain is not an arsehole (can't do the American spelling, it hurts my eyes) and the beauty of a place is not dependent on how many oranges grow there.

Iain Akerman
I didn't say it was a country... maybe if you could read then you could learn something. And Palestinians grow olives. And I'd advise against you calling people you don't know assholes...

Georgia Lewis
He won't take advice, he is always right and everyone else is a cabbage, an arsehole, an idiot, a pompous ass... Surely it is feeding time at his nursing home soon.

David Fingret
oh adele...did you think i'd left you out by accident...not at all baby...your first comment was so vile and ill-considered i chose to pretend i hadn't seen it...people like you make me a little sick...

David Fingret
gosh sorry akerman...i wrongly assumed that your reference to the astonishing level of ignorance in here was aimed at me...or maybe it was but you were using it in the positive sense of the phrase...as in 'he's so astonishingly ignorant i'm starting to wish i was him'...i may not know you individually but i'm well familiar with your phylum...asshole...

Iain Akerman
Fingret... would love to meet you if you ever make it to Dubai. Maybe Georgia can arrange something. Then we'll see how you fare in a face-to-face confrontation. This is a gauntlet, not an excuse for more cowardly bile

Georgia Lewis
Fingret, are there any opinions on the Arab-Israeli conflict that you wish to share in a constructive manner? I know you do not agree with any sort of violence by either Israelis or Palestinians but right about now, no matter how tongue-in-cheek you think you're being, you're coming across as an unpleasant dick.
That's the problem with arguing online. You've got to be a damn good writer for people to realise when you are taking the piss and when you're being deadly serious.

David Fingret
akers...see that's the difference...i have no desire whatsoever to meet you...not for a chat...not for a drink...and not to take up your miserable gauntlet...i was right about the phylum too...you just proved that, asshole...

Keren Bobker
Having read numerous of his little diatribes I am firmly of the belief that this David Fingret is a 'comedy' character. No one can hate everyone and everything that much and not combust.

Iain Akerman
what a miserable coward you are...

David Fingret
oh and georgia...one last comment...doing a little expat stint in the UAE doesn't make you henry kissinger's love child...and writing car reviews doesn't make you joseph heller either...in the immortal words of the sagely adele...tonight you have shown me your true colours

Georgia Lewis
Joseph Heller? Catch 22 versus my groundbreaking piece the other week on the Abu Dhabi Bentley workshop?
Shakes head, reaffirms her belief that the truth is stranger than fiction, gets on with her day...

Adele Schultz
Last comment? YAY, at last! Now best you go wash your dirty mouth out with soap and maybe enroll into a course of anger management... ciao ciao

David Fingret
um adele..i thought you weren't going to respond to my adolescent need for attention...then again i did say that was going to be my last comment...gosh we're both so pathetically weak in our resolve...

Ramesh Moorjani
David, i finally read your sarcastic comments. Frankly, don't think you have too much knowledge of U.S. politics but you pretend to know.
If the U.S. has vetoed over 32 or more U.N. resolutions against Israel, what would you call that ?
Just for the record, i am not Muslim nor Christian so my position is not biased towards any one side.
And may i request you to keep a more civil discourse. That way, everyone will enjoy a healthy conversation, even though your knowledge sucks!

David Fingret
oh crap...i've been over at FB's wailing wall hassling the rabid zionists a bit and they don't like me either...now ramesh, glad you brought up the UN...this is the same august body that has presided over atrocities such as Bosnia and Rwanda, China's treatment of Tibet, Japanese whaling...etc etc etc...the same forum that allowed that PLO madman Yasser Arafat to address it while bearing sidearms in 1974 so he could unleash his slobbering fulminations against Israel...the same chamber that tacitly accepts Ahmadinejad's representative's disgusting calls for the extermination of Israel and Jews in general...please mate, i have less respect for the UN than i have for you...and i'm not the slightest bit interested in its resolution record or the number of US vetos...the whole process is a farcically political balancing act...so in response to your request that i keep a more civil discourse i shall treat you like the UN and ignore you...consider yourself vetoed...

David Fingret
now akers...i've been giving you some serious thought and here's how i see it...we don't know each other and yet we are now sworn enemies...your idea of resolving the conflict is for me to come to Dubai and let you tear my head off which from the looks of your photo and the 20year/20kg advantage you have over me, would be a distinct possibility…however the tyranny of distance combined with social convention means that you probably won't ever get that opportunity...so i get to sit here and snipe away while you get madder and madder...which i guess sorta makes you Israel and me Palestine (Hamas specifically)...how do you like that for an ironic stack of kebabs...i'm betting you wouldn't let Israel and Palestine sort their differences out in the same manner would you...because that probably wouldn't go too well for those peaceful olive farmers at all, would it...you silly ginger baboon...


Jeff said...

Fingers, Fingers, Fingers! I have resisted leaving a comment, or emailing you, 'cause I hear you're somewhat of an arse! After a looong wait for your newest post,(I just recently discovered you through another blog) I have to say, you're an ARSE!!! and I love it. I will not seek you out on FB, but I look forward to your reports on trolling the dregs of the self informed, tragic bastards. Thank You!

oldeboots said...

I don't think that the two of them are exclusive. You qualify for both wonderfully.

Steph said...

Oh Christ what a complete wankathon! Have to admit I couldn't read the whole lot, my attention span for fucktardary won't allow it, but Jaysus, fungus!
Who are these people you befriend?

Makes me ever so glad I ditched Facebook.


Steph said...

P.S so gonna get someone on crackbook to find them and send them all a link to your blog.


fingers said...

Jeff: Welcome to TWG. No use looking for me on FB...there's a fatwah out on me. I am doing a Salman Rushdie. Gonna have a sex op, dye my hair blonde, change my name to something silly like Steph and just melt into life's background.

ob: Welcome to you too. I assume you mean 'mutually exclusive' ?? See, I might just be a cunt after all.

Steph: Oh hi baby...I was just thinking about you. You really should have plowed on and read to the end...it's some of my finest work. Strangely, while the majority of commenters wanted to stone me, several other complete strangers were FB messaging privately to say 'Too funny. Keep going. More. More.'...

unique_stephen said...

You're my third favorite cunt.

xl said...

Nice kosher/halal food fight.

CNUT. Definitely.

Memphis Steve said...

If you and Kylie ever teamed up to take on the entire internet I think it'd be a blast to watch. Chaos and carnage!

The UN is where the United States sends well-connected people too mentally handicapped to be Congressmen, and Hollywood crackheads. I think currently our top representative at the UN is Sean Penn, but he may have stepped down after Lady Gaga came available.

Jayne said...

Having spent time with & dealt with Palestinians whilst residing in the Sandpit, I can assure you fingers, they should all be deported to some place - preferably a spot in Saudi commonly known as The Edge of the World, cos that's what it looks like, miles & miles of fuck all except rock & desert - but then the Saudi's won't want 'em either. I thoroughly enjoyed reading your post. You may well be an utter cunt, but I certainly like your style.
Personally, I cannot abide anything to do with religion & my own solution to the Palestine/Israel fuck-up would be to nuke the lot of 'em.

Ute said...

Anyone else think there needs to be a "We love Fingers!" group/fan page set up?! ;o)

Steph said...

melt into life's background? Oh right that must be what everyone does when they don't document their every waking thought on the internest!!

Epic laff!

Ute said...

*waits for Fingers to rip a new asshole for Joven* :OD

Jen said...

Poke that bear, baby.

Robyn said...

All extremists should be shot.

EmmaK said...

Tres amusant
@Iain Ackerman
lol I've been to Israel and it certainly is a crappy piece of land unless your idea of heaven is a kind of dustbowl dry as dust climate.

Gets on my tits when people call it Palestine. Shall I call Zimbabwe Rhodesia then. I don't agree with the formation of Israel - but its still daft to pretend that 'palestine' exists apart from in someone's fantasy worldview

Chuck said...


Though it does seem a bit unfair to have a battle of wits with a bunch of unarmed FB'ers.

Their ranting reminds me of a movie quote: "There's only two things I hate in this world. People who are intolerant of other people's cultures and the Dutch"


De Campo said...


(sorry. I momentarily forgot I had a penis)

This thread is a prime example of why I limit my status updates to dick and fart jokes.

Spiky Zora Jones said...

Fingers baby, this looks like a meme and you don't do memes. WTF is going on for Christ's sake...or for my sake?

I don't have time to read it now cause I have work to do and rehearsal later...but I know it'll be up for at least 4 more weeks so I have plenty of time.

but I do love you honey (((MWUAH)))

fingers said...

US: Only 3rd ?? You're such a cunt for saying that.

xl: FCUK you.

MS: Yep, same here. Apart from Nicole Kidman no one takes the UN very seriously. Hey, even Australia recently ignored a UN resolution on our treatment of asylum-seekers. How embarrassing.

Jiney: Hahahaha...I knew you'd have some unkind words to say about them, you gnarly old camel-basher.

Ute: I'd rather have a fatwah issued against me.

Steph: Sorry I should have remembered to intersperse some fashion news in with the political discussion, so as to hold your interest a little better.

Ute: No, spammers just get binned here.

Jen: I did...still no fucking fatwah. I'm gutted.

Robyn: I agree. I put their ringleader up against the wall and shot her. She's history now.

Emmak: I know. New record. Only 3 comments before he wanted to fight me. I'll ignore the remark about Israel on the basis I assume you're drunk again.

Chuck: I wouldn't call them unarmed but I do love cunts who call you uninformed, misguided, incorrect etc...without actually adding any hard information to the discussion.

DeC: I thought you'd like it. Right up your alley, eh. I could have used you and Powdergirl in there.

Spiker: But you had time to type that reply...

Ms Smack said...

I had to laugh when Iain suggested that you 'step outside of facebook' and handle it face to face LOLOL

That cracked me up.

EmmaK said...

Where should they have put Israel then? It's not like there are many countries that are going begging.

Madam Z said...

This was an amusing read on a very unamusing situation. I have never been able to understand why the Jewish people have been so hated and vilified, through the centuries. They are intelligent, resourceful, talented, independent, and their religion is no more ridiculous than any of the other ridiculous religions. Whether or not we agree on GB's decision to give the Jews possession of that barren dustpit that was Israel in 1946, it seems we should all agree that the Jews turned it into a land of milk and honey. Now the Arabs want it back, and I am quite certain that if they DO get it back, it will be restored to its original "barren dustpit" status in short order. As for the displaced Palestinians, why couldn't the surrounding Arab countries have taken them in, back in 1946, instead of leaving them to fester in those rotten refugee camps? My theory is that the Arabs wanted them there, as a breeding ground of miserable, hate-filled, martyrs and bad publicity for Israel.

Memphis Steve said...

They might as well have put Israel in the area currently occuppied by New York, Massachusetts and Connecticut because that's basically what it is anyway. I think I once heard there was a resolution to rename Dade County, Florida to "New Israel" but I could be wrong about that.

Sweet Cheeks said...

I vote for naughty boy - because I felt you could have been REALLY nasty, but instead had a good bit of fun.

A fine example of how idiotic people underestimate you.


Memphis Steve said...

I totally misspelled 'occupied' and I am ashamed.

Also, I'm naked and sitting on a toilet along the roadside.

And Steph thinks I'm a tool.

And all my Aussie friends dropped my on Facebook, 'cause I'm a tool.

But mostly it's just the misspelling of 'occupied' that's got me down. I could delete that comment and redo it and all would be right again. Except for the deleted comment which would be sitting here in the midst of all your other comments, pissing you off. Why does Blogger leave a note behind about every deleted comment like that? Is it to shame us?

Memphis Steve said...

OK, and I misspelled 'me' and put 'my' instead, but fuck that. I do that shit all the time.

fingers said...

Smack: You should see this guy. He looks like the character from 'Something About Mary' that got the allergic hive reaction. Woogie.

Emmak: I bet if they'd offered everyone in Ireland $1000 each to fuck off and never return they could have got that country cheap and put the Jews there.

Z: My favourite piece of Arab whining was when Egypt thought they were being terribly clever in attacking Israel on a high holy day in 1967. They got their asses kicked in 6 days and lost territory, which they then went to the UN to recover claiming those thieving jews had nicked it unlawfully.

MS: Er, you mean like naming an area Chinatown coz it has loads of Chicketys living in it.

SC: And what's more fun than a bunch of self-righteous wankers with a huge opinion and no stake in the subject...

Ute said...

@ Memphis- "And all my Aussie friends dropped my on Facebook, 'cause I'm a tool."

ALL??? :o/


hahahahaha I loved it! But I would.
I love how you care about neither side and will argue against both!

Great comeback on the UN,too.

On another forum I have been arguing the same topic.
As you know I intend to officially convert to Judaism,but one of the must-do's is agree that Israel is the true home of the Jews,which of course I don't agree with.

I think the Jews may not accept me when I argue that point.

EmmaK said...

That is a brilliant idea! I think the irish would go for it. Not only is their economy down the shitter they now have to bail out the Greeks for €1.3bn

Joe Hero said...

David: I love you and would marry you if there were mutual financial advantage (I'm not into men, romantically). Yours is the only blog I have found that actually expresses any emotion other than gushy Christianity, endless mumbling over baby photos or up-its-own-arseness.

I would be very grateful if you would look at my blog and perhaps comment; I am suffering from paranoia and currently believe the entire blogging world is conspiring to isolate me.

On the great Israel debate ... have you read Noble House, by James Clavell? I know it's fiction, but the opinion on the formation of Israel expressed in this work is very close to yours, I think, so you might appreciate it.

Meanwhile ... remember that chaos rules, that everything is predestined, and that there is no hope. Especially not for well-meaning idiots.

Joe Hero said...

Oh, and sorry, didn't answer your question (did anyone else? Or did they simply get caught up in their own self-righteousness?) - you're not a cunt. You're not even a naughty boy (unless it pleases you to be so), just someone capable of seeing the truth without wishful thinking. Rejoice.

Electro-Kevin said...

I think the Jews have gone OTT recently. However, credit to them for inventing Krav Maga - about the only self-defence system which actually works. Well it would have to... because the first fight they lose will be the last fight they have. That's the difference between them and the Muslims.

I hate to say it, but I know who I have more affinity with ... and this is despite the fact that - like you - I hate religion too.

Great comments on that FB thread btw. It's times like this that I realise I blog way above my intellectual level.

fingers said...

Uber: Yes, congratulations on your imminent conversion to Judaism. Personally I thought you had enough pain already but hey...knock yourself out, Boobala.

Emmak: Six million Irishman approximately. Shit, give them all $10k each. That's still only $60 billion for a whole country. Cheap I say. Fuck, I might buy it myself at that price.

Joe: Welcome to TWG. Your praise is both enthusiastic and terrifying. I made the trip over to your blog and left a maiden comment. I don't really critique blogs other than to comment on them...but a sure way to get commenters to avoid you is a title such as 'World Without Hope'. Kinda makes you want to cut your fucking head off rather than actually read it.

EK: In Cairo the Supreme Court of that backward shit-hole has upheld a ruling to strip Egyptian men married to Israeli women of their citizenship in a case that has highlighted national sentiment towards Israel. Must be the camel-fondler's way of saying 'welcome to the neighbourhood'...

Electro-Kevin said...

Fingers - you were meant to demur at my last comment.

Memphis Steve said...

Ute - OK, not all. I still have a few left. And thank God for that 'cause Facebook would be unbearable otherwise.

fingers said...

E-K: Sorry mate, I had no idea you came here to get your tummy tickled. I won't have self-deprecation on TWG. Well, except for Memphis...I'm half-expecting him to douse himself with flammable liquid and light a match soon.

MS: Oh hello mate...I was just talking about you. Is that petrol I can smell...

fifi said...

That made me laugh till tears came. Brilliant.

fingers said...

fifi: It was more fun than a barrel full of Akers...

Clyde said...

Ha ha ha, you do like to make friends with a variety of people and there is no doubt that you have made new friends here---nothing like a good joust

Josh said...

Thanks for the belly laugh. Who would have thought FB could be so funny.

Spiky Zora Jones said...

fingers babe, this is the best place to get a nap...



Les Miserable said...

"You silly ginger baboon" - now that's funny!