Monday, October 12, 2009

a blogroll by any other name would smell as bad...

Recently a lot has been written about blog politics; specifically the blog roll etiquette.
Personally I’m indifferent to being added/subtracted to anyone’s blog roll, since the whole process smacks of co-dependency, the need for validation/retribution and the creation of one giant mutual masturbation society online.
Now, as I pass a jaded eye over my own sad blog roll, surveying the carcasses of dead and dying sites, the orts and leavings of the internet feast, a once-proud hotbed of creativity now riddled with apathetic weeds…I’m curious as to which bloggers might still list me on their own rolls ???

Of course there’s always my perennial #1…Kitty, from ‘Shrinking Kitty’, the delusional housewife from The Victorian Riviera, whose primary fun is posting something brilliant (or nude pics) then deleting herself in a frenzy of self-loathing; the e-equivalent of cutting yourself with a razor. It’s a privilege to be listed on her blog roll alongside great works of art such as ‘Random Anorexics’, ‘Run More’, ‘Eat Less’, ‘My Big Fat Greek Ass’, ‘The Unfuckables’ and ‘I Wish Donuts Were Good For Me’.

I’m proud that my blog’s uncompromising style, courageous and without a modicum of judgmental criticism, has enabled TWG to become part of the gay e-landscape. I’ve been somewhat immortalized by Tom Gaylord, the extraordinarily clever, currently straight-jacketed host of ‘Gay Sky Hooker’, who has graciously linked me with iconic blogs such as ‘Sperm My Cumhole’, ‘Suburban Rentboy’, ‘Gay Porn Fanatic’, ‘The Chcokie Choo Choo’, ‘Father Fag Pants’ and ‘There’s a Lamp In My Ass’…from his private room in an unnamed Irish Loony Bin.

Then there’s everyone’s favourite rug-muncher, Spiky Zora Jones over at ‘Bit Player Reflects’, the hippest dyke on the West Coast, the undisputed Captain of Team Pink; and indeed it tickles me pink to see my blog nestling amidst such Sapphic delights as ‘Real Live Lesbian’, ‘In Search Of Lesbians’, ‘Caro’s Wandering Fingers’, ‘Flaps Down For Landing’, ‘Libby the Lab Licker’ and ‘Who Moved My Dildo’.

And lastly…and by all means leastly what higher praise could a blogger wish for than to be flattered by the internet’s most prolific stalker, Memphis Steve from his cunningly self-titled blog ‘Memphis Steve’s Nude Blog’, a place where unspeakable opinions and unpopular beliefs roam freely in a wonderland of as-yet undiagnosed mental illness. It makes my heart glad to see TWG mentioned in the same breath as these giants of liberal thought such as ‘The False Rape Society’, ‘Men Without Penises’, ‘Memoirs of a Misogynist’, ‘All Women Are Cunts Except For Your Mother’ and ‘For All I Know Your Mom’s a Cunt Too’…